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When I’m In Your Arms
When I’m In Your Arms

When I’m In Your Arms

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“So tell me. Will you keep me safe when I'm in your arms?” When I’m In Yours Arms, a hidden gem of fragrance dipped incense infused with Driftwood and Juniper scents. Delightfully woody and smoky for musical and aesthetically pleasing aromatherapy.

Scan the QR codes located on the front packaging label to hear When I’m In Yours Arms x Cleo Sol.

Average Burn Time for 1 incense : 20-30 mins

Incense care: Place incense stick into an appropriate incense burner or holder on a heat-resistant surface. Light tip of stick, allow flame to catch, then gently blow out. Never leave burning incense unattended. Keep out of reach of children. Do not eat.